About me

"I use the power of colors and shapes as a tool for my stories and emotions. The viewer has the freedom to merge with what they have experienced themselves."


I'm Pippo. Freelance artist with a great passion for large-scale, conceptual abstract painting. Colorful and always with a happy ending!

In my two current series I paint two topics that have been bothering me for a long time and about which I can tell endless stories:

“Entrepreneurial Spirit” &Long Journey”

Entrepreneurial Spirit

In the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” series I look at my experiences as a startup founder. Over 10 years, I helped build startups and gained a lot of experience as a managing director and was faced with many challenges.

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Hamburg always draws me back, but I'm just as often drawn away! I process my impressions and experiences of places I have traveled to or lived in in the “Long Journey” series. Always with you culture & cuisine, landscape, as well as people & animals.

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Impressions of the vernissage