Long Journey

In my artwork I paint the stories I have experienced. So what is the Long Journey series about?

Traveling: Discovering and experiencing new places as well as the associated cultures, culinary delights, flora and fauna and getting to know inspiring people - these have always been my great passion!

I'm not alone in this. Who does not know it? You come back from a trip and your head is full of impressions, tastes and colors. Some of it remains present forever, but much of it fades quickly, and much of it is artificially kept alive through photos and videos.

In my series “Long Journey” I paint places that I have traveled to or lived in. Even if it was just a brief moment, so many sensory stimuli may have occurred that there is enough material for a new work of art. The more intense, the better!

Every work of art begins with pen and paper. I record all my memories in writing and search through my memory and photo albums for special and illustrative impressions. Then I bring all the colors, shapes and figures onto the canvas where they are immortalized forever.

And which place would you paint first?