Pippo Kudi

Conceptual Abstract Art

About me

I am a Hamburg artist with a passion for abstract art and conceptual works. Using motivating color combinations and graphic elements, I tell my stories and process experiences on large canvases.



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Customer testimonials

We wanted to have an eye-catcher! The neon highlights make the picture something very special. An eye-catcher - when you come into the room, you look at the picture. You always discover something different!

Julian | Head of Strategy
Münster, Germany

I was amazed by Pippo Kudi's pictures from the start! Now I look at his art every day and I'm just happy!

Jana | Content Marketing
Hamburg, Germany

A great inspiration for abstract art! Details that encourage interpretation, colors and formats that turn living spaces into modern galleries.

Mood-enhancing and fascinating! Images that never stop living.

Christian | captain
Kiel, Germany