Entrepreneurial spirit

In my artwork I paint the stories I have experienced. So what is the Entrepreneurial Spirit series about?

In this series, I bring all my experiences from founding startups to the large-format canvases in an abstract way.

Whether it's starting as an employee in a new company, setting up a self-employed business or - as in my case - the process of founding startups, everyone knows the intense and sometimes challenging moments of a new beginning!

So we find ourselves together in many different stories, which I transfer to the canvases abstractly and graphically from my perspective.

For me, every challenge, every apparent dead end always has a solution or a way out. Using bold and captivating colors, I try to portray these positive vibes and a hands-on mentality. I work with painting tools that can convey both a dynamic flow and a structured approach.

You will find a lot of myself in my works, an unusual combination of passion for impulsive creation and at the same time the urge for delicate and structured planning.