Posters and art prints - an alternative to original works?

It's not that easy to navigate through the large selection on the art market, which no longer just directs its buyers through galleries and auction houses, but is increasingly accessible digitally. There are a lot of art offerings, especially on social media. This includes not only originals, but also prints, posters and other special editions. In my online shop you will also find original works as well as posters and prints in various sizes. But what exactly do the different types of printing actually mean, how are they made and what are they worth compared to the original? What advantages do they even offer compared to the original work? Questions about questions - it's high time to take a closer look at art prints on canvas and posters of modern art. The article provides a quick, simple overview and will help you find your way around all new art platforms.

What is original art?

In order to simplify the distinction between prints and posters in art, there must first be a definition of the original . This usually means a unique piece that was made by hand by the artist. Its value is determined by numerous factors, but primarily by the market value of the artist and current demand. Typically, originals fetch the highest selling prices on the market due to their rarity and their more direct connection to the artist.

Defining an original becomes somewhat difficult if it involves a printing technique such as lithography or photogravure . Is the printing plate then the original? - Of course not! In this case, a predetermined edition can instead emphasize the originality of the work of art. With printing techniques, there may be around ten originals. In order to ensure the uniqueness and strict limitation of the edition, artists often destroy the printing plate after it has sold out, so that further copies are no longer possible.

So if you want to buy a work of art online, you should take a closer look at the edition and the available works. With an open edition, the artist has the right to reprint works as desired, based on demand. For you as a buyer, this has the advantage of significantly lower prices.

What is a print?

To put it simply, prints or posters are high-quality reproductions of the original. The unique piece is transferred to another medium, such as high-quality inkjet papers. My posters appear in durable, matte museum print. For transmission, high-resolution photographs are required for every print and poster. Regular trips to a photo studio with special lighting and camera technology are therefore part of my artist routine.

What makes a modern, high-quality print is that it reproduces the unique characteristics of the original as best as possible. They allow the special character and intention of the artist to be preserved. If you want to buy modern art, you have the opportunity to obtain the work of an esteemed artist relatively cheaply thanks to prints or posters printed in high resolution.

Which printing processes are used for posters and art prints?

There are many printing processes and constant innovations are proof that their history is far from over. Basically, the printing processes that are possible today are differentiated according to the type of printing form they use. The classic main printing processes of relief printing, gravure printing, planographic printing and through printing are now supplemented by digital printing. I also use the latter technique for my posters and prints. This high-quality form of art reproduction is also called giclée print. A precise inkjet process is used here. Depending on the exact type of printing, proofing and type of paper used, artists and printers like to speak of so-called fine art prints, which set new standards in terms of resolution, durability and color reproduction. Thanks to modern printing techniques, art prints in abstract painting have the potential to correctly reproduce all the special features that make a work of art unique.

The advantages of buying posters and art prints

Owning an original is what many art lovers dream of. But often the beloved work is already sold out, is in public collections or is in distant price ranges. Real collectors and lovers choose the original because they value the materiality, the texture and the direct connection to the artist. Of course, every now and then an original proves to be a great advantage from an investment perspective.

The print or poster of a work of art is always a cheaper alternative to the original. Thanks to the printing techniques already described, the licensed reproductions manage to preserve and convey most of the fascination that makes up the original. Art lovers, followers of an artist and collectors have the opportunity to purchase out-of-print works or those that are simply too expensive at a relatively low price. Selling prints and posters always proves to be an advantage when the buyer is interested in supporting the work and career of a valued artist. The art collector can buy art cheaply and the artist has the advantage of generating a more regular income, which is a great support in creating more works of art.

Further advantages of art prints or posters naturally arise from the simplified handling of these variants. Originals are sometimes difficult to transport due to their size and nature. If the ideal location for presentation cannot be found, it is of course a shame for the beautiful work and may even endanger the integrity of the work of art. A decisive advantage of prints is the possibility of purchasing the work of art in different sizes to suit the respective wall.

The advantages summarized:

  • cheaper than an original work of art
  • Different sizes and variants available
  • Limited Edition: licensed and official work of the artist
  • easy handling and problem-free shipping
  • Appreciation and support of an artist's work
  • simplified access to current contemporary art

A conclusion about prints, art prints and the like.

If you are just starting out collecting art or have simply fallen in love with an artist's work, you would do well to start your own collection with prints.

Art prints and prints of contemporary art capture the fascination of the original and only cost a fraction. They are not only an alternative, but also serious art that is more than just decorative and beautiful to look at. Above all, owning a work with a limited number of pieces can represent a special feature for the buyer.

But regardless of the number of pieces - prints in all available versions are the direct and quick route to uniquely beautiful and impressive art. An Open Edition has the advantage of allowing a work of art to be printed at an affordable price. So why not make art affordable for everyone and offer affordable poster prints on the market.

In the end, no type of print replaces the original work with its feel, color intensity and effect on the viewer. If you want to buy unique and value absolute proximity to the artist, you should stick to the original work.


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