Galleries in Hamburg: 8 insider tips for art lovers

Street art from trendy districts, works by aspiring art students or creations by international guests: these galleries exhibit a wide variety of contemporary works. Whether you're an expert or a newbie, get inspired on a gallery tour through Hamburg!

The port city's art scene has grown significantly in recent years with many new galleries emerging. Anyone who wants to experience contemporary art in Hamburg has, in addition to the large art houses such as the Deichtorhallen or the Kunsthalle, numerous opportunities to discover or purchase fascinating works in places less touristy. In this article I will introduce you to 8 galleries in the most beautiful districts of the city that will inspire you. They are colorful, urban, surprising but also critical, challenging, full of questions and new ideas for the future.


Altona North

Qvartr Gallery

It's also worth taking a look behind the scenes.

In this gallery you can not only discover unique works, but if you're lucky you can also take a look behind the scenes and the working processes of the permanent artists. The Qvartr Gallery is a networking place for committed people from art, music and culture in Altona. 12 permanent artists reside in their studios around the 450 square meter exhibition space. Both established names from the street art scene like Bobbie Serrano and notable newcomers like abstract artist Marv, whose works tell a new story with every angle, are at home here. Resident Mats Mattheé makes many a smile in the Qvartr Gallery with puns on his canvases. Celina Bartsch lets her colors spontaneously flow on small and large canvases and creates magical moments for her viewers. The Jvlietta focuses on people in her works and has a strong understanding of composition and proportion. Marcel Baumann playfully combines his passion for gastronomy with his penchant for colorful acrylic painting.

The 12 artists couldn't be more different in their work, but they share their openness towards visitors. If you're lucky, you'll meet a resident and be able to peek into one of the studios.

Come in! The doors to the Qvartr Gallery are open to everyone at art events with various partners in the city.

It's not just the residents who use the exhibition space. Many external artists with various forms of representation come together at the gallery's events. Qvartr's art happenings usually focus on social issues that are currently affecting the world or the city of Hamburg. The exhibition space has already been opened for feminist activism, art against the war in Ukraine and a charity event for the homeless.


Time & Place:

Dec. 15, 7:00 p.m. – Dec. 21, 7:00 p.m

Hamburg, Bornkampsweg 31, 22761 Hamburg, Germany

About the event:

"On Platform"

An exhibition by and with Jepsy, Shark, Kaos, Tripl, Kent, Vino.

The exhibition "On Platform" is dedicated to the topic of trainbombing, a central practice in style writing. This tradition began with painting the New York subways in the 1970s and 80s. The exhibition honors this heritage with works by three international and three national artists: Kaos, Tripl, Vino, Jepsy, Kent and Shark, all of whom have been designing trains for over three decades. For the exhibition, the artists designed the "Silberling", a type of train that was popular in German local transport at the beginning of the Writing Movement. This has achieved cult status. The exhibition also presents prints, photos and the artists' latest works on various materials.


📍 Boschstrasse 1

The Kreativ-Qvartr is located in the middle of Altona, between the Diebsteich and Bahrenfeld S-Bahn stations. The best way to get from Altona train station is to take bus number 2 (direction Schenefeld, Aneken) to the Bornkampsweg stop to Qvartr. From there it's another four minutes walk.

St. Pauli

Affenfaust Gallery

Hamburg's art hub.

With the city's oldest clubs and bars, St. Pauli not only attracts partygoers, but has also become an attraction for art lovers with its small art kiosks and urban galleries. An important networking point for this scene in the district is the Affenfaust Gallery. In shipping, the monkey fist refers to a nested knotting technique, which symbolizes the gallery owners' concept: Marcus Schild and Frederik Schäfer want to attract as diverse an audience as possible with their art - in order to network young, old, connoisseurs and newcomers. Schild and Schäfer support local artists who want to explore new paths to expand the boundaries of their art and offer them an open haven to do so. From traditional to experimental, the gallery brings together a wide range of artistic practices. Regular events such as artist talks, film screenings or the popular art festival “Knotenpunkt” invite people to exchange ideas. The 1000 square meter area on Paul-Roosen-Straße was once a supermarket before it was converted into Hamburg's largest private gallery in 2015.

The Affenfaust Gallery shows works by emerging and established artists and has now become an integral part of the Hamburg art scene.


Nico Sawatzki

October 6-28, 2023

Nico Sawatzki's exhibition "Between True and Becoming" takes us into the world of memories. His work series "Schattenfuge", created especially for this exhibition, presents abstract paintings that are reminiscent of landscapes and lighting moods. Looking at these works brings back memories of special, fleeting moments that are elusive when we look closely, squint, or close our eyes. Sawatzki wants to raise our awareness of these subtle, personal in-between moments. For him, "truth" is a dynamic, evolving concept consisting of memories, the present and visions of the future. His works play with layers of spray paint and acrylic glazes and move between condensation and dissolution. For him, the painting process is an examination of mental image spaces that can condense and dissolve again, but never stand still.

Nico Sawatzki, born in Regensburg in 1984 and based there, has been a graffiti artist since 1997 and a freelance artist since 2012. His works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Luxembourg, the USA and Canada. They were seen in South Korea for the first time in 2021. Sawatzki's artworks are part of many private collections, and he was recently awarded the City of Regensburg's Cultural Promotion Prize.

You can find updates for upcoming exhibitions at any time on the Affenfaust Gallery event page: current exhibitions

The Affenfaust is open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
The gallery is closed on public holidays and one week before the exhibition opens.


📍 Paul-Roosen-Straße 43

You can get to Affenfaust Galerie from the Paul-Roosen-Straße bus stop or from the Reeperbahn S-Bahn with a short walk over the Große Freiheit (approx. 8 minutes) - you can soak up the colorful flair of the party district.


K-OZ Gallery

A passion project for everyone.

Vernissages in the K-OZ Gallery are not only celebrated in the small but fine exhibition area, but are also often moved outside. Conversations about art and culture mingle with the party crowd at the famous Corner at the Grüner Jäger, where the neighborhood between St. Pauli and Schanze meets in the evening for a kiosk drink. Kai-Olaf Zink and Katharina Boltz wanted nothing less for their gallery. They wanted to create a space for exchange about art of all kinds. The couple selects the artists themselves and ensures that they can present their works under fair conditions. They consciously forego shares in exhibitors’ sales. The gallery has been her passion project since 2013. From street art to oil painting to unusual window art, the gallery window always attracts new attention. Art for the ears can also be heard regularly when the gallery invites musicians or DJs.

The K-OZ logo in graffiti style joins the colorful sea of ​​stickers on St. Pauli's exterior facades: a real "chaos" - which is also the name of the gallery, pronounced in English.


The gallery is open Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. You can follow who is currently exhibiting and what events are coming up on Instagram . There you will also find information about all jam sessions of the year. On these evenings, the gallery invites you to make music together, have fun and look at art.


📍 At the Green Hunter

What the shop window has to offer this time is always a surprise when you stroll out of the Schanze towards the Grüner Jäger. The best way to reach the gallery is from the Neuer Pferdemarkt bus stop, or you can combine your visit with a walk to the ski jump (approx. 12 minutes from the Sternschanze S-Bahn). The Feldstraße subway station is also just a few minutes' walk away.


Gallery of the Schlumpers

Art and inclusion.

The works on the white walls are colorful, playful, full of imagination and emotions. They created the Schlumpers. Who that is? – A studio community consisting of 34 artists who create freely and independently. The Schlumper were founded in 1980 as an initiative by artists with disabilities. The gallery in the Karolinenviertel, which opened in 2014, is already the third mainstay of the collective, alongside the “Schlumper School” and their shared studio in the Alte Rinderschlachthalle. Its name goes back to the street “Beim Schlump”, where the group's first studio was located. With the new gallery, the Schlumpers have had a great influence on the art scene in the city and beyond in recent years. Through them, a new place has emerged in Hamburg that combines art and inclusion without naming it. The exhibitions focus on the artists' works and not their biographies, as Anna-Karoline Pongs-Laute, the artistic director of the Schlumper, emphasized in an interview . It is a place where everyone is welcome and art is used as a language of connection and understanding. In addition to the artists in the studio community, guest artists regularly take part in exhibitions. These deal with all conceivable artistic techniques, from painting to photography and installations.

The large, dark glass front of the Schlumper Gallery sits between rustic cafés, vintage shops and record stores. Behind it opens a bright air space with an open balcony.


November 25, 2023 – February 25, 2024
Opening: November 24, 2023 at 7 p.m

People have always been fascinated by horror stories and monsters that are present in every culture. Monsters are often perceived as a threat, which makes them attractive for art. The exhibition features four artists - Benjamin Langner, Miriam Zadil, Vanessa Steinmann and Marianne Wendland - with different perspectives on monsters. Benjamin Langner's animals appear sympathetic despite their threatening gestures, perhaps through strong colors. Miriam Zadil's works show ambivalence between content and playful elements. Vanessa Steinmann tells stories through differentiated painting, while Marianne Wendland's abstract paintings offer space for your own interpretations. The gallery is open from Wednesday to Friday between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. There may be restricted opening hours in the week before the exhibition opens. When you visit, it's worth browsing through the print corner. There you can find large or small prints, postcards and catalogs at fair prices.


📍 Marktstrasse 131

The best way to reach the Schlumper Gallery is from the Messehallen subway or the Feldstraße subway. The Schlumper studio (Neuer Kamp 30) can also be visited by appointment. By the way, you can also explore other galleries while walking through the beautiful market street, for example: Farbwerke .


Ganges district

Golden Hands Gallery

Art from the street.

Golden Hands Gallery features art that comes straight from the street. Well-known artists who present their graffiti in the city's trendy districts are exhibited here. The gallery owners have specialized in so-called post-graffiti art. But can institutionalized art still be called graffiti? The gallery consciously plays with the tensions that arise from this question. An important concern of the gallery is to create respect for art in public spaces. The couple Christoph Tornow and Isabella Augstein founded the gallery in March 2015 with the idea of ​​helping German art lovers overcome their inhibitions about graffiti art, which is often still perceived as grubby. In addition to post-graffiti, Golden Hands Gallery also presents other art forms such as photography, sculpture and painting. The gallery's four-person team currently focuses on four exhibitions per year, featuring local and international artists. In between, they also exhibit works from their own growing art warehouse. The gallery also promotes emerging artists and provides a platform to present their artwork to the public.

The artists at the Golden Hands Gallery work with different materials. Two artists exhibit their colorful sculptures made of felt materials.


The gallery currently works regularly with almost 20 artists. The Golden Hands team is increasingly represented at international art fairs. You can follow which exhibitions are currently coming up on Instagram or the website .


📍 Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 85-87

The gallery is located in close proximity to the Brückenviertel - a historic district that was saved by artists and activists and is a center for art and culture. Be inspired by the lively art scene when you visit the gallery and, if you have the opportunity, visit the heart of the Brückenviertel: the Fabrique . The gallery is easy to reach on foot from the Gänsemarkt and Messehallen subway stations and is located directly at the Johannes-Brahms-Platz stop.



Feinkunst Kruger

Gallery owner since 1998

Ralf Krüger is about to celebrate his 25th gallery anniversary and looks back on his collaboration with a large number of national and international artists. Krüger has made a major contribution to the promotion of contemporary art. When he opened his first gallery in 1998, he was one of the few who also offered a platform to young art students from Hamburg universities. Krüger was a pioneer in promoting young talent and continues to benefit today from early encounters with up-and-coming artists. Krüger's focus today is on painting and drawings. When he entered the art scene, he was particularly interested in fine art prints in the area of ​​rock art. In 2006, in collaboration with the Reeperbahn Festival, Krüger brought the world's largest poster rock art convention to Europe for the first time. This event is still a fixture in the Reeperbahn Festival program today. Krüger held his first gallery in the Portugiesenviertel for over 13 years. A neighboring delicatessen and the translation of Fine Art led him to the name “Feinkunst Krüger”.

Ralf Krüger has long been established as a gallery owner in Hamburg and connoisseurs of the Hamburg art scene come to his art events.


Don't Wake Daddy XVIII

Finally of age!

The jubilarian is faced with the question of whether he will now turn away from his “parents” Heiko Müller and Ralf Krüger. But the joy of presenting 31 international artists and their impressive works is too great. He won't want to miss this pleasure in the future either, because seven new artists will be invited to show their works. Meeting new people is still the greatest thing for him. The largest Low Brow exhibition in Europe will take place this time from December 3rd to 23rd, 2023 at Feinkunst Krüger.

There will also be an extra exhibition in the basement, where the Taiwanese artist Joyce Huang, aka Poppy Purrs Factory, will present her manga-style paintings for the first time in Europe.

You are invited to the opening on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 from 8:00 p.m.

A warm invitation to the vernissage on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, from 8:00 p.m.! In total, Krüger is working with around 20 permanent artists today. 11 exhibitions a year plus additional projects keep the gallery owner busy all year round. You can follow which exhibition is coming up next on the gallery's website . Feinkunst Krüger is currently open from Thursday to Saturday between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. You should definitely take a look into the basement. An artist enchanted the ground floor into another world for his exhibition in 2021 - to this day the rooms are reminiscent of a lunar landscape.


📍 Kohlhöfen 8

The Neustadt is an architecturally interesting district with many brick houses, narrow streets and a mix of modern new buildings and old industrial architecture. The interaction between architecture and art also plays an important role for the gallery owner. The dark columns and the old floor create a special atmosphere in the old rooms of his gallery. The best way to reach the Kohlhöfen is from the Stadthausbrücke S-Bahn station.

St George

Paddock 66

Crafts, fashion and painting combined under one roof.

Koppel 66 in St. Georg is a unique place that combines handicrafts, fashion and painting under one roof. The old building in the heart of St. Georg is worth a visit because of its interesting architecture. The former factory was renovated in the 90s and houses a total of 12 studios and galleries of 16 craftsmen and artists. You will find a wide range of handicrafts such as ceramics, jewelry, textiles and woodwork made by local artisans and designers. A special highlight is the painting by the artist Sazarin . A look through his studio window on the upper floor shows a colorful and wild collection of canvases in bright colors and tactile structures. Sazarin incorporates chance into his work process and in the end, the viewer's randomly chosen perspective also decides what he or she sees in his works.

The old factory building at Koppel 66 has four floors on which there are a variety of galleries and studios.


Koppel 66 is open from Wednesday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The opening hours of the studios may vary in some cases. In addition to the shops and galleries, Koppel 66 also offers space for events such as concerts, readings and workshops. You can find all upcoming vernissages and events in the event calendar on the website . During your visit, you can treat yourself to a break in the Koppel Café on the ground floor with delicious cake and a cup of sustainable coffee.


📍 Paddock 66

Did you know? St. Georg is known for its colorful street art - especially in the Lange Reihe, which has many street cafes, bars and restaurants. The annual “St. Georg Art and Culture Festival” presents the diversity of local artists and cultural workers. You shouldn't miss a walk through the Lange Reihe if you're on your way to Koppel 66. From the main train station you can reach the gallery on foot in less than ten minutes.



Atelier 21 - Art & Fashion

Where abstract art meets sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion design and abstract art come together in a former flower shop in Winterhude.

The Hamburg artist Pippo Kudi has made Atelier 21 a place for creative minds and, in addition to the regular exhibition of fashion and abstract paintings, is planning numerous events where artists with very different forms of representation will also have a platform. Kudi himself paints large canvases. His works are characterized by energetic color gradients on conceptual, dynamic backgrounds. The former entrepreneur processes his experiences from the start-up sector in the series “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and creates his very own genre. In the "Long Journey" series, Pippo Kudi processes travel experiences and uses large canvases to abstractly depict the special features of places and the strong effect of color influences.

The atelier's fashion designers are Katrin and Finn, founders of the sustainable fashion brand Nara Soleigh. They present a wide range of clothing, accessories and swimwear for women. For all items they rely on a simple, stylish design, slow fashion and small batches in order to keep the CO2 consumption of production as low as possible. In addition to Atelier 21, Narah Soleigh also has a second Hamburg showroom on Gärtnerstraße .

From the outside you can't immediately guess what there is to discover in Atelier 21. 120 square meters offer creative professionals plenty of space to exhibit themselves. Insider tip: Be sure to ask about the associated bunker.


Together, fashion and art create a unique atmosphere in Atelier 21. The exhibition area is very winding overall and there are details to discover in every room. Pippo-Kudi and Narah Soleigh are always available for a studio tour. If you're lucky, they'll also show you a special highlight: art and creative items are occasionally exhibited in an old bunker in the backyard.

To find out what events are currently coming up, it's best to follow Pippo Kudi , Narah Soleigh and the gallery account Atelier 21 on Instagram. Regular opening hours are currently Tuesday to Saturday between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.


📍 Poelchaukamp 21

Where tourists and locals sit in front of the bars and restaurants in summer with an Aperol Spritz, the studio is located on the promenade at Poelchaukamp. The location in a former flower shop gives the studio a special charm and creative energy that will inspire you. The best way to reach the studio is via the Gertigstrasse bus stop. The popular Mühlenkamp is also not far from here.

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