The top galleries in Germany

Art tells stories and addresses what is currently affecting us. Works of art should always be viewed in the context of the time and place in which they were created. While museums document the past, galleries are the places where emerging contemporary artists emerge and new movements are discovered.

The diversity and liveliness of the contemporary art scene in Germany can probably nowhere be experienced as well as where current art takes place and is presented. The German art gallery scene is one of the most active internationally, and many of the local galleries play an important role in the global art market.

Berlin is the renowned hotspot and is one of the world's leading art markets with a long tradition and a particularly high density of galleries. But locations like Hamburg, Cologne and Munich also have an equally attractive offering and a lively gallery scene with up-and-coming artists and new exhibition locations.

Many of the galleries in Germany have been established for decades and have made a name for themselves internationally with sensational exhibitions. They represent outstanding artistic personalities and always surprise with new discoveries. As diverse as the artists are, the art movements in the galleries in Germany are just as extensive, such as abstract art, painting, installation art, sculpture and sculpture, photography and countless new forms of modern art.

The largest galleries in Germany – a selection

When it comes to creating a list of galleries in Germany with their most relevant representatives, it becomes difficult. There are a number of interesting galleries across the country that are worth a visit.

The most successful galleries in Germany operate internationally and present leading artists of our time. Most of them have been on the market for decades and enjoy a high reputation in the art world thanks to a special feel for trends and new talent.

The following list provides an overview of the leading galleries in Germany, but can only represent a subjective selection and does not claim to be complete.

Sprüth Magers

Sprüth Magers is one of the most established international galleries from Germany with branches in Berlin, London and Los Angeles. The gallery has existed since 1998 and was founded by the gallery owners Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers. Sprüth Magers now works with over 60 artists and is constantly expanding its program with newcomers and young, up-and-coming artists.

King Gallery

The König Galerie is located in three exhibition areas in the former St. Agnes church in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It was founded in Berlin in 2002 and currently presents 40 established and emerging contemporary artists. The focus is on interdisciplinary, concept-oriented art.

The owner Johann König is certainly one of the most visible gallery owners, thanks to his omnipresence on social media, in podcasts and in the press.

Peres Projects

Founded in 2002, Peres Projects presents contemporary American and European art in outstanding collections. The gallery's international artists regularly appear in globally recognized modern art exhibitions and museums. In addition to Berlin, there are exhibition rooms in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Athens.

Michael Werner

The Michael Werner Gallery has existed since 1963 and has branches in Cologne, Berlin, London and New York and London. Michael Werner has worked with some of the most important artists of the 20th century. Contemporary American and European painting, sculpture and drawing, as well as works by modern masters are shown.

Karsten Greve

The Karsten Greve gallery was founded in Cologne in 1973 and operates art galleries in Cologne, St. Moritz and Paris. The focus of the gallery program is on international post-war avant-garde, photography, Chinese and international contemporary art. Karsten Greve currently represents around 50 artists.

mehdi chouakri

Mehdi Chouakri has been running successful gallery work in Berlin since 1996, most recently at two locations. Internationally known contemporary artists as well as younger discoveries find their platform here.

Buchholz Gallery

Galerie Buchholz has existed since 1986 and is a gallery for contemporary art with exhibition spaces in Cologne, Berlin and New York City. A diverse exhibition program of works by both our own and supervised well-known artists is shown.

Esther Schipper Gallery

The Esther Schipper Gallery is also located in Berlin in the Mercator Höfe. Esther Schipper was founded in Cologne in 1989. The gallery program focuses on conceptual art and is open to new approaches to the exhibition format. We are currently working with 45 contemporary artists.

Kewenig Gallery

After many years in Cologne, the Kewenig Gallery is now located in Berlin on the Museum Island. It was founded in 1986 by Jule Kewenig. The main focus is on international, contemporary art and focuses on the dialogue between different generations and cultures.

Max Hetzler

The international art gallery Max Hetzler is based in Berlin and pursues a diverse program. After starting out in Stuttgart and Cologne in 1974, it now has branches in Paris and London. The gallery represents established and emerging contemporary artists and follows their artistic paths and developments, sometimes over the long term.

Thomas Gallery

The Thomas Gallery from Munich has been dedicated to the art of German Expressionism and Classic Modernism for over 50 years. It is one of the leading international galleries and presents groundbreaking exhibitions in this specialist area. In 2009, a second location, the Thomas Modern gallery, was opened in Munich.


SETAREH has existed since 2013 and is represented in Düsseldorf and Berlin. The gallery represents an international selection of contemporary and postmodern art. The focus is on the artistic dialogue between contemporary emerging and postmodern artists.

As a space for art, galleries are an important interface between artists and art lovers and a place where trends and currents first appear. The diversity of galleries in Germany and their number are considerable in international comparison. Fans of contemporary art will get their money's worth here - the local gallery landscape is dynamic and always provides new inspiration.

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